Baptism by Fire

Islamabad: 5 June 2022: Sun Tzu says in the art of war: A brilliant General is he who wins a war without a fight. He also goes on to declare: When the enemy is on the retreat, give it a golden bridge.
That's what Imran Khan did. From the first week of April, Khan, much like Field Marshall Rommel has dominated his foes. First he drew them out in the open field, staged a tactical retreat, allowing the coalition of every crooked party to March beyond their resources - that only ends one way.
Once he stretched the battlefield to his liking, he unleashed his Army on the tired, confused and divided enemy formations from all directions. On that Sunday night in April when the entire country came out on the streets, the dye was cast, all that remained was a hammer and a chisel.
In the next phase Khan chased his enemies, city after city, drilling fear of God into the hearts of those who had been dreaming to capture the state and usurp the will of the people. Before he marched into Islamabad, Khan had secured his victory. The only reason he came to Islamabad was to claim his prize and show his enemy which gate to flee from.
The shelling, firing on protestors, the most abhorrent abuse of homes, women, elderly and veterans of our valiant armed forces is an indication of desperation and defeat. Khan put his followers through the worst police violence in living memory - a baptism by fire which all but sealed his victory.
Today, Khan stands tall as the most revered politician with followers across Pakistan, the falsehoods of "selected" and "ladla" washed away. He has emerged as a strong leader of an awakened nation.
God Bless Pakistan.
The writer is a former State servant

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