Be the calm listener, understand the storm inside her Mind and soul, and you will win her...


Hyderabad:4 May 2022: "If you want to know what's on her mind, and what she's thinking...she needs to feel totally comfortable with you and trust you to the hilt. No question. If she doubts or doesn't feel comfortable talking with you about what she's going through- she won't risk divulging much at all. Maybe she will be a little general, or give you a crumb of information, but she won't go into depth and rawness. She's learned that when she is open about what she's feeling, she can't help but be afraid of being judged and misunderstood. She's lost important people in her life, that now, she lost her voice. She's quiet. She's withdrawn. Her depression is deep. But most would never know it with the facade she puts on to not burden anyone or be asked questions. So she doesn't speak up much anymore. Not like she used to. She's not open like she used to be. She doesn't share stories like she used to. Her abundant advice she always gave happily to those who asked, is now refined, short, and shielded. You'll catch her covering her mouth slightly, because something inside her WANTS to be open and how she always wore her heart on her sleeve, but she stops herself because she doesn't have the energy in her anymore to talk about issues. So let me say this, if she doesn't open up to you like she used to, don't be offended or hurt. Know she's going through things that has quieted her words. Now, if you are part of the rare few that she actually opens up to freely, honesty flowing, and deep rawness of her thoughts and feelings...know she feels 100% at ease with you to actually open up to. Don't take it for granted. Take what she's saying seriously and be attentive. This doesn't happen often. Don't make her regret she did. Make her confirm her feelings of trust with you by being there, listening, not using her words against her, not making her defend what she feels, and not betraying that trust. Because if you do, you won't ever get it again."

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