Be with Someone who can handle the storms and the calm seas.


Hyderabad: 16 April 2022: "He gave me freedom. And I gave him my dark. I gave him my love. And he gave me his. Captivating and adoringly so. I gave him trust. And he gave me his dark. Darkness at a level that no other was allowed to see. On both our parts. He gave me his strength, and I showed him my weakness. Vulnerable weakness under a strong personality. I was never one to be with someone who couldn't handle how strong I am. Someone who can handle the storms and the calm seas. Someone who knows what my quiet means and to delve deep. And the only one who knows the cues when something is wrong. Someone who senses it from afar. One who sees when I'm a whirlwind of emotions and knows how to ease them. When I spiral down to the depths and he lifts me up to the sky. He rides the waves with me. And all of that makes me love him even more. Just when I think he can't possibly love me more than he already does, in all the little ways he does, he goes deeper. And you know what? I can take it. All of him. And all that he is."--

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