Beauty and physical appearance is nice to look at, but substance is nicer to be around


Hyderabad: 12 October 2021: I hope you choose to be with someone who might not be the most successful human being, but who has the diligence to succeed in life and has a spirit that just doesn’t give up. Life isn’t all about riches and success, money and fame. Choose someone who will climb up the mountains with you until you both reach the top. Someone who is hard working and is striving to provide a good life for your family. Someone who pushes you to reach your goals while they reach theirs. Someone who believes that what you want is within your reach if you put in enough effort and faith to get it.
I hope you choose to be with someone who will make you the happiest person on earth. Someone who will give you a healthy, genuine, and loving relationship. Because status doesn’t necessarily make a good partner, but a good soul will.

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