Before Its Too Late


Hyderabad:23 January 2022: The Deciders are at it again. Making decisions in private that will alter the course of the future for the public. For decades now, they have continued feeding that malignant Creature From Jekyll Island. And now, they want to give it full control. But this time, it is the preservation of the planet that will act as the velvet glove hiding their iron fist. While we sit and argue amongst ourselves about the color of our parties, the color of our collars, and even the color of our skin... they are planning their Great Reset. Gone are the days when they hid only in Groves or lofty boardrooms. No, they do these things out in the open now. Giving each subversive group and policy these lovely and benign names; lulling us into further apathy and a less-than-passive interest. And because their is nothing new under the sun, if one is looking, you can easily see their open hands reaching for the levers of old. Thankfully, so many of us are beginning to wake now. Especially since their mandates for masks have caused their own to slip. We are able to see the ones who are using our concerns as Trojan horses, with which they will trample that Lady standing in the harbor. My friends, we must stand with her. Before it is is too late. Otherwise, the greatest idea in the history of creation, will be lost to time.

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