Being braver to just survive for another day, is something we should be proud of.


Hyderabad: 1 November 2021: Perhaps life is about taking the leap, grabbing every chances it gives, and taking every risk possible. Maybe life is about making each day counted, maybe it's about living at the exact moment. With less doubt and more faith. Doesn't matter if we get our goals today or not. Doesn't matter if tomorrow will be so crucial. Doesn't matter if our past is ugly. Doesn't matter if our future is still unsure, but being braver to just survive for another day, is something we should be proud of. For not everyone has the courage to choose themselves at the end of the day.
Maybe life isn't about waiting something to happen, but making something to happen. And no matter how small our accomplishments are, we should celebrate each little success, as long as it makes us feel alive. I guess being a warrior is not always about winning huge things, but staying alive and breathing despite being defeated. We cannot guarantee that we can always win in this life, but being able to stand still after each fall, I think that's the true sign of bravery.
This life is a tangled full of surprises, and what comes next remain mysterious. So live every single day like it's your last draw. Yes we'll get hurt, we'll get broken, and so what? Let it be. Aren't life was made for us to explore and experience? Then we might take every course comes in our journey. Don't stay in narrow streets where life gets crumpled. Let experiences wider the view your seing. Rolled up your sleeves and be ready to get hurt. Wherever our journey points us, it will serve a good purpose in our lives. And one day, everything will make sense.

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