She is a feminine delicate beauty the sensuality oozing from grinning eyes..


Hyderabad: 21 May 2023: "What do you see when you look at her? A feminine delicate beauty who loves romance, an old soul from a different era, lady like manners, a lover of music, art, history, & books, intelligent men that can challenge her, sensuality oozing from grinning eyes with a sly smile when she looks at you, open honest vulnerability when she feels comfortable with you not to judge her, loves autumn walks and watching the waves crash on the shoreline, and cries alone yet shakes it off to be the strong person she is to everyone around her?

Or a strong willed rebel who will go to battle if it's worth her time, a wild chaotic soul who crosses boundaries, knows her worth and demands to be treated as such, fights to the death to defend, burns bridges if need be, walks away from anyone who doesn't love her the way she deserves, and will pierce you with a look that would send chills up your spine if you upset her? Your actions will decide which side of the woman inside her you will see. Choose wisely"

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