Bollywood Era of having two heroines going crazy for one Hero.


Mumbai: 26 April 2022: Behind every successful man, there is woman. It’s reason why Akshay is so successful - because behind him there are always two women.
Plot - Nanna Akshay has met nanni Lara Dutta. He is langda child but Lara is so motivational person he starts skating immediately. He is already saying to Lara ki hum shaadi karege but she says she only likes pilot-type guys.
Akshay is so motivated that he has become adult and joined Air Force. Which Air Force, I don’t know because he is flying extremely small plane, maybe it’s Canadian Air Force. He is now going to propose but rich man Karan Singhania has ruined everything!!! Whole time Akshay was learning to fly plane, he was showing off private plane collection to Lara. She is asking Akshay permission to marry him and he looks like he has lost Canadian passport. But he sacrifices feelings so Lara gives him hug and says, “I love you.”
For some reason he has gone with entire Air Force to South Africa. This was perfect opportunity for Pakistan to stage attack, thankfully they were also busy watching movie and wondering what is going on. He has met Priyanka Chopra there. And she is simping on Akshay same way he was simping on Lara. He meets Priyanka on birthday and gives her one night stand as gift. Then he returns to India but Priyanka is in his house!!! Family is saying she is paying guest!! She is telling Akshay she will expose one night stand!! She is walking in towel and showing Akshay everything!! She is holding karva chauth for him even though they are not married!! Akshay slaps karva chauth ki thali out of her hand.
Whole family is upset with him so Akshay has change of heart. He says to Priyanka, “mujhse pyaar karogi?”, she says yes, he just gives her glass and says, “ye lo paani peelo.” Priyanka is so excited she has taken him to meet her family. But Lara is there!! She is Priyanka ki bhabhi!! Husband died after just two months of marriage in air crash!!! Akshay is trying to help her but she just gives him hug and says, “I love you Karan.”
But Akshay is again in love with her. Both are practicing for stage play and he is going completely off script. He is saying he loves her and Priyanka has heard everything. So she has organized instant wedding of Lara with guy, Monty. She has forced Lara to wear red dress and forcing her to do sagaai with him. Then, Priyanka humiliates her by exposing feelings for Akshay. She tells Akshay he cannot have biwi and rakhail at same time so he just slaps her. He is so angry he just takes sindhur in hand and throws on Lara Dutta. She is looking like she has Vimal on her face.
Both get married and do saath phere while Priyanka and even Monty are smiling and throwing phool at them. So behind every successful man, there is woman but Akshay doesn’t need them anymore because behind him, there is Canadian citizenship.

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