Britishers looted this continent for 200 years, we paid for our suppression.


Salma Soomro
Hyderabad: 10 December 2021: Britishers are considered the most sophisticated race, contributing to civilising the countries all around the world. But the reality is different and dark. Britishers are civilized when it comes to their interest but they are lethal and harmful when they treat people of colour. This statement is substituted from their 200-year-old rule in the Indian subcontinent. Indians( Pak and Indians were one country earlier) paid for their reparation. Before British arrival the share of global GDP was 27 percent and when the British left the share of India in global trade shrunk to 3 percent. It is absolute shame that nearly 20 thousand people from East India company people from British came and instantly picked up fault lines and ruled on 300 million( 30 crores) people of the subcontinent.
Indians fought WW1 and WW2 for them. in WW1 nearly 45 thousand people died and 65 thousand people were injured.
Plus 4000 remain missing.
whereas in WW2 nearly 2.5 million people took part in it.
Indians have contributed to the progress, development, and even wars of Britishers. They even gave 60000 machine guns, rifles, and 70 million rounds of ammunition and provided 42 million garments to support British wars. Moreover, 370 million tons of necessary supplies were sent to Britishers from the Indian continent. Today, it is nearly 8 billion British pounds if estimated roughly.
To create a market and space for British goods, they intentionally demolished Indian mills, industries and created a space for their goods.
Due to the Britishers failed governance policy, Britishers created havoc and famine in Bengal. British was concerned with only managing their armies of wars. They let the Bengali people starve and die in Hunger. 15 to 29 million people died in this famine. When the deaths took dangerous estimates then officials wrote to Winston Churchill about the deaths and famine due to essentials and food reserves were directly went to foreign. He replied at the same report corner that why has not Gandhi diet yet? this is the level of lack of empathy of Britishers towards Indians. Their official documents mention Winston Churchill as " Starvation of anywhere mattered much less that of Greeks.'

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