CSS Screening will likely to implement from next attempt


Hyderabad: 27 October 2021: The Government has decided to include a Screening test before the written test of the CSS exam. Dr. Ishrat Hussain submitted the proposal. The proposal has been approved, but the authorities will implement the rule from the next year.
In the proposal, the idea of adding the Screening Test before the Written Test of CSS was suggested because of the increased number of candidates in the recent year. There was a massive increase in the number of candidates appearing in the CSS exam. To reduce the number of candidates and more filtration of eligible candidates, the proposal was submitted.

The PM Office has directed the authorities to implement the inclusion of Screening Test from next year. The Federal Public Service Commission (FPSC) is all set to perform the idea. The changing is not implemented from this year because it would be unfair to introduce the changing when there remain only two to three months for the exams. Also, the changings in rules for CSS Exam 2019 has already been made so the new strategy would not be implemented this year.

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