Car made from the scraps that were left by American cops in Afghanistan


Kabul: 28 Jan 2023: The internet was recently shocked by Afghanistan’s First Spercar, Mada 9 and the news went viral in all parts of the world. In a recent interview, CEO of ENTOP Auto Design Company Muhammad Reza Ahmadi said that the Mada 9 sportscar has been made from the remnants of war. He added that the design of this car is a composition of various scrap materials left behind after the Exodus of US and NATO Forces.
“After the withdrawal of the foreign forces, there was no need for their scraps. The iron and the foam, which have been used in the making of this design were all from the scraps. So I can say that by using the scraps and the remnants of war, we created this design.”
The Mada 9 supercar prototype has been built from the ground up at the Navavari Center of Technical and Vocational Education of Afghanistan. The prototype has been developed with the hilly terrains of Afghanistan in mind and will be rigorously tested before eventually being put into production.
Muhammad Raza Ahmadi, CEO of ENTOP, said that the team had been developing the prototype’s body and engine for five years.
Taliban Education Minister Abdul Baqi Haqqani also came to the scene and praised Afghanistan’s first indigenous “supercar” as proof that the militant group will promote “religious and modern sciences.” The brainchild of a Kabul-based engineering firm, the Mada-9 hides a run-of-the-mill motor under its exotic curves.

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