Celebration of International MSME Day in Hyderabad district of Sindh province

Hyderabad: June 23, 2022 :To mitigate the effects of rising inflation and poverty, SAFWCO, in collaboration with national and international organizations, has launched a campaign of celebrating international MSME week to train rural people to increase income from agriculture and livestock products as per modern requirements. In the first phase, mobilization programs were organized in five union councils of Hyderabad where they were also connected with business leaders and associations.
In collaboration with the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO), International Trade Center (ITC), Pakistan Poverty Alleviation Fund (PPAF), the people were informed that communities in UC Moolan, Chukhi, Almani, Tando Qaiser and Sawan Gopang are making banana chips, products and byproducts of milk. The training was provided on how to prepare butter, ghee and other products; how to prepare high quality pickles; more useful uses of onions and tomatoes and how to market these developed products. In this regard, their knowledge was enhanced by presenting theater programs.
In this MSME campaign, the experts of Sindh Agriculture University, SMEDA, Hyderabad Chamber of Commerce, progressive farmers, processors and business representatives were also invited who briefed the farmers on the potential ways to increase their income from available products.
The SAFWCO staff, Mr. Mustafa Rajper and others, assured the participants that they would continue to provide the training program, provision of matching grants to strengthen the business and provision of easy installment loans to promote the growth of business in Sindh province of Pakistan.
The Agriculturists and Social Leaders Mukhtiar Almani, Ali Murad Gupang, Sher Muhammad Nizamani, Ali Dhamach, Zulfiqar Noomrio, Muhammad Qasim Noomrio, Ali Muhammad Lashari, Zameer Hassan and others said that such programs are need of time in order to cope up with the rising cost of living. People in rural areas are being taught to shift their mindset towards commercialization and development of products and byproducts in agricultural commodities and livestock for enhanced income. This initiative will support the rural economic uplifting which will ultimately contribute in the development of the country.
The participants expressed that together with SAFWCO, they will not only expand their business but will also disseminate its benefits to other farmers and employability will be prioritized through this business mobilization and enhancement program.

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