Ch Fawad's cheap words for Hina Rabbani, whereas whole PTI can not meet her IQ and excellence

Karachi: 24 April 2022: I'm writing this post because I read a cheap tweet by Fawad Chaudhry about Hina Rabbani Khar, calling her a "low IQ women" and that her only claim to fame is "Berkin" bags and sunshades. This is just an example of the misogyny of desi mards, in which a woman will be judged by what she chooses to wear, regardless of her talent and academic achievement. In this case, misogyny is coupled with political rivalry as well. Chaudhry has a mediocre education at best and his own claim to fame is, well, nothing. Khar, on the other hand, is a LUMS graduate and a Masters from the University Of Massachusetts, Amherst. She was Pakistan's youngest FM in 2011 at age 33 and the first woman to have that appointment. Prior to that she had been Minister for Finance and Economic Affairs and the only woman to have presented the budget to the National Assembly in 2010. Her appointment as FM was given preference over that of Shah Mahmood Qureshi who was a member of PPP then, a party he later join PTI.
The NATO strike which killed 24 Pakistani troops was one of the most notable incidents during Khar's tenure as FM and she stated that the government of Pakistan and defense committees had approved a measure that formally bars NATO and ISAF forces from using Pakistan's supply routes. Pakistan continued to demand a U.S. apology for the incident, and on 6 June 2012, Khar argued that "higher principles should take precedence over politically popular considerations", and challenged the U.S. to "live up to its democratic ideals by respecting the will of Pakistan’s elected legislature". On 15 December 2011, when the United States suspended financial aid to Pakistan, Khar warned that their actions would be responsible for losing the war on terror, since Pakistan could not win without U.S. assistance.
I wish Ms Khar all the best as Pakistan's new minister of state for Foreign affairs.
Please grow up Chaudhry sb. Just because you look like a chawal doesnt mean you act like one. Misogyny doesnt work. Also please learn to spell "Birkin".

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