Choudhry's broken bones will not be the same again, Power, cost an arm and a leg.

Lahore: 16 April 2022: Whatever happened today in the Punjab assembly have never happened earlier seems like this year and the political immaturity of PTI , PMLQ is on the peak. There was a fight in the assembly of the Punjab province of Pakistan, the Deputy Speaker of the Punjab Assembly was attacked by the MNAs of PTI and PMLQ. Punjab Assembly session was scheduled to take place at 11:30am but was delayed due ruckus caused by MPAs.PTI members had attacked and beat deputy speaker Dost Muhammad Mazari as well.
Earlier, the lawmakers of the ruling party had thrown "lotas" at Mazari first, attacked the deputy speaker and pulled his hair despite the presence of security guards.
The deputy speaker left the hall after this and the session was delayed. Before assaulting Mazari, the PTI lawmakers caused a ruckus when they brought "lotas" to the houseA chaos ensued in Pakistan's Punjab Assembly after the Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) lawmakers threw "lotas (round vessel)" at Deputy Speaker Dost Mohammad Mazari as he arrived to chair the session for the election of the Chief Minister, reported local media.
The PTI lawmakers set off a ruckus in the Assembly as they brought "lotas" to the House and started chanting "lota, lota (turncoats)", lashing out at dissident PTI members, who parted ways with the party and decided to support the Opposition. Choudhry was also injured in the culture of violence that is promoted by the PTI and other aggrieved party.

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