Cigarette damage woman character and men's lungs, like MAN doesn't have character and WOMAN doesn't have lungs


Karachi: 30 December 2021: Alizeh Shah, whose unconventional and controversial choices often garner attention, once again came under the public’s scrutiny after a shocking video of her smoking joint surfaced on the internet.
The 21-year-old seems to be headed to the top of the entertainment industry after being scooped up by producers and directors as a result of her massive success on TikTok. Yet many believe that her instant fame has caused her to make rash choices without thinking of the consequences.A rather shocking video that emerged on social media recently made the Ishq Tamasha actor come under fire. The video shows Shah sitting in a car wearing a white low-neck top while holding a joint in one hand and handing a cell phone to someone in the backseat.

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