Common cough and cold

A distraught Patient M Moiz
Karachi: 29 October 2021: I'm genuinely sick and tired of Pakistani general practitioners.
Cefixime for common cold and cough? Seriously? What is this absurd trend?
We all know that antibiotic resistance is the biggest challenge that we are all facing in the world. And all across Pakistan, we have qualified physicians doling out Cefixime as if it's Panadol.
What's even more disturbing is that for common ailments of children, these GPs are doling out 4th generation cephalosporins as well. Yaani k bachpan sey hi resistance build kar dou.
I don't know who needs to hear this but we urgently need a national antibiotic use policy. In the middle of pandemics and climate change we can't be dealing with widespread resistance.
And to all my fellow doctors, kindly stop your fellows from giving out Cefixime like it's a mithayi.

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