Competitive examinations, yes there are Complexities of allocation in the desired group


Hyderabad: 21 October 2022: It is not necessary that a person having exceptional writing skills may also have exceptional communication skills as well. Often we have seen people who can write exceptionally well but they can not speak at that standard on which they can write and vice versa. Some people are good writers while others are good orators. So it is not correct to assume that written topper may top in viva voce/interview as well.
Similarly family background can also have positive impact on grooming of candidates, it is a fair assumption to say that acing CSS for first member of the family is difficult, after that it is easier for other members because they have a CSP in their homes and they can seek guidance from him which increases the chances of their qualifying the written exams and getting an above average score in interview because of the experiences and guidance they have from their home.
So before going straight into the bounds of pessimism we must keep these two points in mind which may change the situation and put different people at top positions in interview than the toppers of written exam.
Having said that a slight problem which i have observed as per my experience is not necessarily the nepotism or corruption in awarding interview marks but the absence and disclosure of the criterion in-front of qualifiers on the basis of which marks in interview are awarded, if transparency in this is brought, and a fixed standardized criterion on which marks will be awarded in interviews will be announced prior to interviews, just like the criterion for qualification of written exam is known, then it will become easy for candidates to understand how marks are awarded and this perception of nepotism or corruption in this process will wither away, or if it is happening it will be easier to caught based on criterion.

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