Dania Shah file for Divorce,This time it happened earlier than expected.

Khadija Abbas
Karachi: 8 May 2022: So here we are yet again. This time it happened earlier than expected. I said it before and I say it again: Kisi ka ghar ujaar kar apna mehal nahi banaya ja sakta. In each step of one's way, the trauma and pain we cause someone, follows us. In search of younger and attractive women, this man broke the heart of a dignified, pious woman and her children. And one after another he had to suffer from public embarrassment and now financial loss of whopping 11.5 crores!!! But he has still not learnt, he is now trying to character assassinate his latest child br¡de, just like he subtly humiliated the other two. The same wife he was praising few months ago, he now demands her "medical checkup"? How shameful to use the name of Allah and prophet for his own interests. Ye sab Karma hai Amir Sahab.

According to Amir Liaqat, Dania was not a Syed and nor was she 18... but allegedly 15 years old! (According to herself). This changes everything! Both Amir Liaqat and Dania's parents should be dragged to court for grooming of a literal child if she was actually 15 and he should be banned from every platform to expose such intimate details of a minor. Just to clarify: Exposing any such detail of one's spouse is not only morally criminal but a sin in Islam, no matter what their age is. But to do it to a child is downright disgusting!

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