Danish was among the fatalities at the Houston Astro world festival


Karachi: 10 November 2021: I have read a dozen articles, hugged his heartbroken and inconsolable family members, given myself time to process, but I'm still struggling to come to terms with the fact that Danish Baig is no more.
Danish was among the fatalities at the Houston Astroworld festival. He should have still been here today getting ready to celebrate his birthday on Nov 16th. Sadly, the poorly planned and poorly executed event claimed his life and took him away from his loved ones too soon.
Danish was a dear friend’s younger brother. He was a true gem and a very genuine person. He lit up the room with his smile and had everyone laughing uncontrollably at his jokes. He was a talented artist and a skilled Punjabi rapper. He was a hard worker and as successful in his professional life as he was in his personal life.
He was a fierce, loyal, and protective brother. He was a responsible, caring, and loving son. He was a fun and affectionate uncle to his nieces and nephews. He was an empathetic and loving partner to his fiancé Olivia. Danish would have done anything for his loved ones. He took his last breath, trying to save the love of his life.
Danish died a hero because not only did he manage to save his fiancé but two other event attendees at the cost of his own life. My heart goes out to the Baig family as they grieve this tremendous loss. Losing Danish has chipped away at a piece of their heart forever. As a mother I can not imagine losing my child but Danish’s mother is forced to live this terrifying reality.
However, this tragedy should never happened in the first place. Danish and the other victims of the Astroworld chaos should have been home safe with their families today.
Travis Scott is a trash human being with no conscience or empathy. The blood of all those who passed away or got injured is on his hands. Everyone who ignored the valid security concerns brought forward by officials is responsible. Everyone who knew people were getting hurt and dying but refused to stop the show is responsible. Let us hold them accountable and prevent something like this from ever happening again.
At the request of his family, please take a moment to say a prayer for Danish and share his story wherever you can. Help Danish’s family and the families of the other victims get justice.
Danish, you may not be here with us anymore, but you will never be forgotten. Rest In Peace.

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