Darling is the talk of the Town


Mumbai: 13, 8, 2022: Ever since Alia Bhatt’s maiden production Darlings was released, people cannot stop talking about its vivacious approach to highlighting domestic abuse. While Shefali Shah and Bhatt received praise for their characters, Vijay Varma, who essays the role of an abusive husband, was at the forefront of mixed reactions.
There’s some hate and anger directed at him, and a lot of praise and acclaim but the reaction that mattered the most was his mother’s, whose first worry was her son’s marriage after watching the movie.
Speaking to ANI, the 36-year-old actor opened up about the feedback he’s received so far regarding the film, primarily from his mother. “I am getting all kinds of reactions after the release of Darlings; some are saying we hate Hamza, some are praising my performing skills, but the funniest has been my mom. She watched the film and called me in panic. She was worried that no one would marry her son now. I get where she was coming from, but I had such a good laugh after hearing her reaction,” he said chuckling.

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