Despite being a Nuclear country why Pakistan is not succeeding? Where exactly it is lacking behind


Salma Soomro
Hyderabad:12 November 2021: We Pakistanis like to live still in the 8th century of Ertugal ghazi and Kurlous Osman time " the time when sword and horses etc were related. Today's time is not suitable for war-mongering. We have to go ahead in the field of economy, a good smooth political system, and democracy to succeed. Here we are lacking. The facts don't lie, they reveal why Pakistan despite nuclear power is behind in the region. Pakistan has not paid any heed to investing in science technology, and research.
A recent report of RND research and development write that in the top 24 countries none is Islamic. Whereas India at 6th in spending research and technology. Pakistan can not beat India and other states unless it works in science technology and economy. Pakistan is still dependent on foreign aid and loan to meet its expenses and pay salaries to its population and a large number of forces salaries can be delayed if there is an unavailability of foreign loans.
Pakistan is the world's sixth-biggest state in terms of population and at 42 in research and technology. Contrary to this, Worlds 5% of research is solely done by India and it produces more engineers than the total population of Switzerland.
China become global power because it allocated resources wisely spending budget. Beijing is challenging the USA and emerging as a threat to global order. The number 1 is China spending in research and technology and the USA at second in scientific research.
India is at the top 6th in science and technology research and spending. Contrary to this Pakistan is at 42.
Ironically not a single Muslim country out of 57 is in the top 10 countries of scientific publication.
Pakistan is still stuck with basic issues of economy, politics, and sectarianism. on the other side, 23 million children are out of school. Pakistan left behind Burma (Myanmar) in ethnic minority rights violation and acquired 9th number whereas Burma is at 14teen and Israel is at 104
Pakistan acquired the top 5th number in terms of terrorism strike state.
Why USA influence the UN?
USA contributes to the running of the business of the UN. It provides the amount of aid that keeps the UN afloat. The total UN budget is very high and its 22 percent is on the USA alone.
Why the UN does not pay any heed to the matters concerning the Muslim world: None of the Islamic countries bear the expenses of the UN, only 0.1 percent is given by Saudi Arabia. Collectively 57 countries don't even give less than 2 percent of the budget to the UN. Then they cry that their issues and matters are not being heard at the UN whether it is Kashmir or Palestine.
So in this situation why Pakistan and the matters concerning it would have any importance in front of the UN if Pakistan does not contribute to the funding?
Once the USA threaten WHO with stopping its funding and withdrawing from WHO the whole management and highly prestigious persons at the UN pursued the USA and requested it to continue funding. Because the UN can not afford USA withdrawal from the UN. Washington keeps it going and running smoothly.

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