Call for Immediate Review of Relations with Sweden


Hyderabad: 11 July 2023: The recent desecration of the Holy Quran following the Eid prayer has deeply saddened the hearts of Muslim nations. It is crucial to address this derogatory action and take concrete measures to prevent such incidents from recurring.

It is important to emphasize to all Western countries that Muslims hold the Holy Quran in high regard as its guardians and memorizers. Despite any misguided belief, the burning or desecration of the Holy Quran cannot erase its significance.

The power and protection of Allah, the ultimate authority, are beyond human actions, and it is in His hands to hold accountable those who commit such acts.

History has shown that those who perpetrate harm against sacred values will eventually face their own reckoning. Therefore, it is imperative for the Government to respond decisively to this disrespectful act.


Syed Ahtasham Hussain 


       Hyderabad City 





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