Do not go for cult worshipping, support policies of Pol parties,not the persons


Karachi: 29 June 2022: Some folks took me as a PML N or PDM supporter. I have never been a supporter of those parties. Yes until past few years I had supported PTI and voted for its candidates in 2013 and 2018 as a better alternative but rigid attitude of Imran Khan as PM, his inability to understand the basic values of parliamentary democracy where you have to build a consensus on critical national issues like EVM, NAB Chairman appointment, Overseas Pakistani voting rights, legislation via ordnance etc and where you have to act as a team playaer instead of doing solo flights and dictate the terms and specially his appointment of Usman Buzdar as CM Punjab has seriously pushed me to reconsider my political views and favourable opinion for him as a leader and his party.
Finally I was fully disenfranchised with his style of politics and shunned supporting him when he failed to see the consequences of his own actions and rallying of all opposition, his allies and a faction of his own party members against him on no confidence proceedings.
That was the moment for reflection for him he could have realized and rectified his behaviour to become a better person a true leader but he opted for an easy way forging conspiracy theories, blaming all others but himself for his downfall. As the saying goes realizing and accepting one's mistakes is the first step to rectify them and become better. Fortunately or unfortunately fate is still on his side he is faced with a group of real incompetent and corrupt people as his opponents and they now in government are proving it each and every day that they had no vision on how to put country on right path of development and prosperity they only wanted to save themselves from cases against them and that was the only motive to wrestle power from him so he is again enjoying the zenith of his popularity and has bright chances to come to power again.
But blaming all others and not taking responsibility for his own actions, as well as vehemently pressurizing national institutions for his political gains now makes him not a better option despite being popular and makes me seriously think that what positively different contribution he will make if he comes to power again, again he will install useless puppets as his CMs and again will blame all others but himself for his flawed actions bringing bad consequences while the nation will suffer one term after another. As it is said:
"Those who do not learn from the history are doomed to repeat it again."
Malik Hassan Ali

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