Do not miss yourself while catering others, you will end up as ladder

Hyderabad: 29 June 2022: I hope you never miss out on attending your own party
Because you are too busy attending everyone else’s
I hope you never miss out on celebrating your own milestones and victories
Because you are too distracted by everyone else’s
And I hope you never miss out on living your own life
Because you are too focused on everyone else’s.
I hope you never fall into the trap
Of remaining in a perpetual state of waiting:
Waiting for your life to improve
Waiting for yourself to achieve the perfect body
Or waiting until you feel ready
And good enough
To pursue your dreams
Go after what you want
And create the life that you wish to live
As there will never be a definitive point you reach
When things seem perfect
And you are completely satisfied with life
But you may learn to find calm amongst the chaos
Hope when things appear hopeless
Meaning when things seem meaningless
And the bravery to pursue your dreams and try new things
Regardless of the outcome
And when life is difficult, challenging and uncertain
I hope you never fail to realise
That things are capable of turning around at any moment
As life is fleeting and temporary
And you are capable of reaching the greatest of heights
Overcoming the toughest of obstacles
And climbing the largest of mountains.
I hope you appreciate
That each single person
Is their own universe
Of thoughts, ambitions and emotions
And while you are the centre of yours
They are the centre of theirs
And what is deeply important and meaningful to you
May not be of focus or relevance to them
And that is okay
As we are each on our own individual paths
Moving at our own individual paces
And learning our own individual lessons
And rather than being triggered by their words or behaviour
Which are completely beyond your control
You can be empowered to change or shift what you wish to change
And focus on all that you can control
Which is how you choose to show up in the world
And live your own life.
And when you feel overwhelmed
I hope you are comforted by the knowledge
That you can only do so much
Be so much
And accomplish so much
Yet simultaneously
You are full of potential and greatness
And in the same way that you are able to glimpse the brilliance, beauty and expansiveness of others and the universe
I hope you are able to see it within yourself.
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