Dobara an amazing drama to watch and question Patriarchic norms of the society


Karachi: 23 June 2022: A drama that started out to be an ordinary tale of a widowed woman becomes an extraordinary journey of a woman who wants to live again through her vociferous and daring relationship with a man younger but also poorer than her.
As the story progresses we see her highs and lows, how she marries the man who brings light and laughter in her life but regrets it again and again as people around make fun of her, her children desert her, society ridicules her and she is left alone.
Towards the end people complained of the story being dragged and unnecessary additions to it making it boring but I think all of these were important to make the drama realistic.
A widow remarrying and that too to a younger, handsome man is not less than a fairytale and we all know fairytales are not real.
Hadiqa Kiani deserves an award for her acting, expressions, dialogue delivery and the way she carries herself effortlessly in every attire, scene, mood.
Bilal Abbas is the second best character in the drama, playing the character of a child carrying the weight of a broken home on his shoulders, then being juggled both sides, falling in love then being rejected and finally finding love and affection of a woman who wants and expects nothing of him.
All the other characters like Minaal, phuppo, mamun and Narmeen also added flavor to the drama.
The end was like a true Shakespearean play. The way the director showed a man fighting against his nature, trying to stay true to himself and his dignity, failing, then falling, then about to give up and finally coming through to find his way back home.
True human nature.

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