Dont let anyone dishearten what keeps you alive



Los Angeles: 15 September 2021: I'd miss you even before i lost you. abruptly as it may seem, but this is nothing new. those were every page of this story if ever this one counts.the words you'd written, your fingertips that cared so much, the spacing out back and forth, the longing brought up by two am, they all had been threaded into every corner of my heart, they live right inside me.

For once, i wanna ask how were you doing with all these saddened paragraphs, how moon dust sounded like your mother tongue, how the meetings were either Taylor's folklore or evermore. i wish you could admit to me that you weren't fine at all, even tho you'd always say the other one.

This isn't an almost at all, just a mere fact that the likes of you to me... pity as it looks, this meant only to admire and miss you, confessing is enough, falling is delusional.You're better than repeated premature goodbyes. Better than 'i miss you' drunk texts with missed calls from a familiar number.

Better than unfinished business from an entity months or years ago, one that had known your soul, yet left you with no letters on the desk. Better than silent treatment who would just wait for you to forget what's wrong, wait for you to give the love you always needed for yourself. Better than blind love born with kisses and blankets and gone by the morning. Better than knowing what's wrong yet still wants it.

Don't let anyone dishearten what keeps you alive, they aren't the one who makes you breathe and live.

You are more than this.

Unopened mailbox 

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