Dr Sara Gill, first transgender Dr and activist striving to give her community, constitutional rights


Dr Sara Gill and Dr Moiz
Karachi: 16 April 2022: It's been less than 4 years since our Federal Protection Bill and our community activists like Dr. Sarah, Shahzadi, Nayyab, Reem, Jannat, Mahnoor, and Aisha have already moved onto inclusive education, policing, and election policies. Legally speaking, after colonization Pakistan is only 75 years old and the transgender community is less than 4 years old. Yet we are making this progress despite decades of colonial oppression and now a politically motivated and culturally orchestrated patriarchal genocide. Each and every one of the activists I have named have been attacked and are under active life threats yet you see us moving around, doing things, knocking on doors, and hoping for the best. No matter how much you use the word "khusra" to diminish politicians, the actual khusras of Pakistan have done more political and policy work in 3 years than your male and female politicians in 75 years. And that's a fact. Which is why we are now pushing for legislative representation of trans people in the Parliament because we deliver, and we deliver fast.Dr Sara Gill said that she just Had a productive meeting with” SSP East Syed Abdul Rahim Sherazi” about inclusion of transgender community specific help desk in current Facilation Center to solve the Issues, report the voilence , providing immediate help and rescue . The process of making it happen and way forward was discussed in this meeting, that why we need to create friendly sensitized complain desk for trans people in the different district of Karachi and to observe the flow of voilence cases reported so further steps would be taken .Moreover she Had a productive meeting with provincial minister of education and literacy,sindh ,Syed Sardar Ali Shah, regarding transgender education where implementation of trans inclusive education system was discussed in detail.Also it was made sure to start and include transgender community through ALP -initiative across the sindh starting from Karachi. provincial minister agreed to design “first transgender education policy “in sindh , Pakistan . *Hiring of transgender community as a teacher was also discussed and we are hoping to see transgender community teaching across the sindh soon . Note : transgender persons would be handling the transgender desk under the guidance of sindh police .

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