Dr. Evelyn Saba is the example for girls to get education and empowerment


Rawalpindi: 3 March 2022: My name is Dr. Evelyn Saba from Rawalpindi. I did my Doctor of Veterinary Medicine (DVM) with a gold medal from government PMAS-Arid Agriculture University Rawalpindi in 2013. Then afterwards I went to South Korea on 100% merit scholarship for MS and PhD. I did my MS in veterinary physiology from South Korea in 2016 and PhD in veterinary physiology in 2019. Then I came back to Pakistan and and now I am serving as Assistant Professor (Grade 19) of veterinary physiology at Faculty of Veterinary and animal sciences in government PMAS-Arid Agriculture university, Rawalpindi. I want to encourage everyone to study hard and come back to your own country where you have excellent opportunities. Right now I have 32 scientific articles and two research projects. One from HEC and other one from South Korea. I give all praise to our Lord Jesus Christ ! While we're on this positive note, we need urgent investment in veterinary medicine and sciences. And I urge young bio-med students to explore veterinary sciences.
PS: A hearty congratulations to Dr. Evelyn Saba
Dr saba
M Moiz

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