Dr. Safeeullah Soomro celebrated Benazir Bhutto's birthday in Virginia.


Virginia: 22 June 2024: Dr Safeeullah Soomro said that Benazir Bhutto, the first woman leader of a Muslim nation in modern history, had a visionary outlook that left a lasting impact. Here are some aspects of her vision:

Leadership and Commitment:

She believed that leadership is a commitment to an idea, a dream, and a vision of what can be. Her dream was for Pakistan to cease fighting and allow children to reach their full potential, regardless of sex, status, or belief number 1.

Women’s Rights and Empowerment:

Benazir championed women’s rights and pushed for policy changes that benefited women. Her ascent to power sent a clear message that women are capable of leading nations with skill, intelligence, and vision number 2.

Strengthening Parliamentary Politics:

Throughout her life, she dedicated herself to strengthening parliamentary politics, emphasizing democratic processes and institutions was her 3rd biggest committment where she served and excelled.

Her legacy continues to inspire leaders worldwide, emphasizing the importance of equality, empowerment, and visionary leadership. Rest also endured the above statement

Dr. Safeeullah Soomro President PPPP Virginia USA
Jawaid Burdi Vice President PPPP Virginia USA
Jahanzeb Akhund PPPP washing DC President youth
Babar khan PPPP President Washington DC USA
Faraz ullah khan D. General Secretary PPP DC
Imran ali Soomro Vice President washing DC PPPP
NIaz Shar senior VP Virginia USA PPPP

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