Education is expensive, the only thing more expensive is ignorance.

Hyderabad , 13 ,9, 2o22 Meet Dr. Ayesha Khan (12th position - #PAS These were the words said to me by one of my teachers at school when I lost my position in board by just 2 marks in 9th standard. That day onwards I knew that I will never give up.I worked hard and ended up having my name written on the Board of Honour of my school for being the topper of my batch. However,the journey was still long.I qualified the entrance exam of Aga Khan Medical University as well as Nust and I was 6th merit number in the UHS merit list of Nishtar. Nishtar Medical College was my priority as my mother is a Nishtarian and also I wanted to stay in Multan-my hometown.It was final year of MBBS when I told my mom that I want to do CSS.The mere reason was widening the horizon of my service. As a doctor I could only treat the symptoms of the disease but after doing CSS I could address also the causes of those diseases. Moreover, the exposure CSS offers at the grassroot level was an attraction for me.I always thought of joining the Police Service but during my CSS preparation I got to know that my personality is suited to the PAS/DMG so it became my first priority.The journey wasn’t easy.I worked hard day and night.I remember the days when I could only sleep for two hours and the days when my fingers ached because of continuous writing.But all of this paid off in the end.I stood 12th in CSS 2018 that was my first attempt and made it to the service group of my choice i.e.PAS.All my family was really happy-my mom and my brothers-all were proud of me.But as it is said that you cannot get all that you desire.In this whole journey of my life,I lost my father.He died when I was in first year FSc.Today,when I am at CSA and I have achieved great success in my life,I do miss him and I do think that had he been alive he would have been the happiest father.Nonetheless,I commend my mother for being such a strong woman and for raising me and my brothers single handedly.Today I can proudly say that I am who I am because of my brave and strong mother.I am the first CSP in the family where my mother was the first doctor.And I do think that my teacher was right when she called me “Shaheen” and asked me to fly to great heights.This is not the end of the journey.I am in a continuous struggle of self-actualization. And whenever I feel even a bit of self-doubt I say to myself that “Ayesha if you can reach here you can reach to more heights as well”

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