Electoral reforms,right of f vote to overseas Pakistanis Electric voting machine


Hyderabad: 18 November 2021:In general, the initiatives for the right of voting of overseas Pakistanis and for EVMs are really good, but it is heart-wrenching to see how without any wider consensus among political stakeholders these bills were made and without due diligence and consensus were passed from the legislature, and hence instead of solving the problem and putting the specter of elections rigging which comes to haunt Pakistan after every election, it is unleashed again today. Government should have acted maturely and with patience to bring such landmark reforms but the childish attitude of the present government has made these two very good initiatives controversial.
It yet again proves the gross incompetence of the government which instead of coining solutions to problems breeds new problems with every new initiative. A sad matter of affairs indeed.
Moreover, the NAB bill which has been passed is another blunder making President the appointing authority of Chairman NAB, the same President which says; " Dunya ko Imran Khan ki mureedi ikhtiyar karni chaheye." And who is a strong PTI stalwart? With him at the helm of affairs regarding appointing of NAB chairman, there would be serious negative implications on the already tainted accountability process.
May God save the country, with each passing day the insanity of the PTI government is touching new heights

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