Embrace Imperfections and celebrate them

Hyderabad: 20 October 2021: Being human - we are born with flaws and grow up with insecurities.. But there comes a moment when you realise that you are much bigger than what the world is telling you- you can be.. You are stronger, you are wiser, you are smarter.. When you realise this, you become unstoppable.
The thing is, you allow other people to have power over you.. But your power can be yours and only yours, if you choose it to be.
You can live an extremely relaxed, happy life without any attachment.. But we need love, we need attention, we need attachments. We are only human and emotions are everything for us..
What I am trying to say is- you are the owner of your life- of your heart and your emotions.Share them with only those who are worth it and choose wisely.

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