Enslave to those beautiful eyes, its the vibes that capture


Hyderabad: 19 April 2022: Whether I’m drunk or sober
I’m a slave to those beautiful eyes.
When I lose sight of that beautiful world-soul
I loathe myself, my life and all the world.
I’m a slave to the face of the one
who keeps me in the rose garden, day and night.
When I see a mirror like that
how can I take my eyes off it ?
I am the soul of idols, my idol said.
I said : I’ll testify to that, beloved.
He said :
If you are filled with my passion,
not a hair of you will remain.
I’m a candle that burns to ashes
any moth who comes too close.
I told him :
Burn me as much as you want,
my remains will still smoke of your love.

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