Even the top sportsmen, athletes lose to the new, younger generation of champions

Hyderabad: 31 Jan 2023: If one is considered to be right and better, then the other automatically becomes wrong and inferior, and if that is considered fixed and dependency created on this, then permanent division created, within and without, and so irreconcilable differences and on going conflict, within and without, that is proof that religion, nationalism, dogmas, culture, creates division and conflict. There will be somethings better, more appropriate or suited than others, superior or inferior in different situations and at different times, and this will keep changing, nothing is fixed, and if there is freedom to change according to the changed reality, there is little possibility then of creating permanent, long term divisions, and conflicts that are irreconcilable, no one permanently right or better. Even the top sportsmen, athletes lose to the new, younger generation of champions. When divisions are created, then groupings are formed, and in each group there are some diehard members of the group and so diehard opponents of the other group, out to malign, degrade the other group, to be hostile to the other group, to maintain the division, and maintain their assumed permanent superiority, as they are not willing to delve into, review their assumed permanent superiority, assumption or belief of being permanently correct, because they have become extremely dependent on it, they depend on it with every breath, and it isn’t even something they have figured out themselves, rather one picked from, shopped ready made from a group, and joining the group for support and protection to maintain this dependency.
Any thing made permanent, assumed as permanent, will create fixation, and conflict with reality in different situations, times and so create division
But to the ignorant, lazy, the underdeveloped or those lacking inherent ability to figure out things for himself the assumed permanent things, being adopted and lived by and defended by a big group, organization is very appealing. They have to just join a group and blindly follow what the group considers permanently superior, and correct, and reject, oppose what they consider inferior and wrong. And they have to just follow some rituals, pretend to be doing so, for that is all that is asked of them, for there is no effective system of ensuring, punishing, excluding those that do not follow, live by the so called permanent truths, when nobody is watching. They can be doing the opposite in their personal life as long as they follow rituals to maintain the outward appearance and keep swearing allegiance to the group in words. What is needed is the abolishing of such groups where there is ineffective, false accountability, and blind allegiance to the group, and the majority not willing to question, review the permanent truths, superiority. As long as such groups are allowed to exist there will be conflict, strive. The only civilized way is where there is no permanent truth, of superiority, and everything is open to review, and more weightage is not given to the ignorant, lazy, the underdeveloped or those lacking inherent ability to figure out things for himself, who can easily be deceived, that forms the majority of the population and can be easily misled by crafty leaders and politicians, like we have seen in the case of Hitler Germany. it is the basis of all religions, or organizations based on division and misleading of the vast majority of the population.

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