Everything holds a positive lesson if we learn how to see


Hyderabad: 25 Dec 2022: Everything holds a positive lesson if we learn how to see, every body on social media would have gone through news on Reham Khan's marriage or Najam Sethi's appointment as chairman PCB, and both news have taken a wide negative traction because of the general approach of the populace, but if one tries to have some positive lessons to apply to one's own thinking then both incidents have many.
Instead of cat calling Reham Khan, one must encourage that she has remarried, there is nothing wrong to start over if things had not worked out earlier, similarly it is not normal for boys in our culture to marry an older woman, but that is sunnah and if someone follows that it must be appreciated, third and most important thing despite financially affluent the couple has tied the knot in a very simple manner with no lavish expenditures, that is a lesson for our youth, marriages can be simple and they can be more blessed that way.
As for Sethi sahab's appointment he has fair credentials to lead PCB, PSL was his brainchild which has given us a whole generation of next level players which are fairly competitive on international level, and it is continuing to do so season after season. Franchise cricket has been a breath of fresh air for Pakistani cricket in both, producing new talent and generating some revenues. So he is not a bad choice he has given us a strong institution and can further contribute to the development and progress of cricket in Pakistan.
By the way I am in no way fan of both of the personalities, Reham Khan has been many times very immature and below the belt in criticizing her former husband and might be its Karma that she has to face the same or even greater amount of negativity and slander by IK's supporters same goes for Najam Sethi, I am not fond of his political analysis but in cricket he has done something very good earlier which should be appreciated.
So an advice for all is to be positive in your approach and learn some lessons on developments instead of going with the flow of negativity and mass hysteria often prevalent on social media.
Malik Hassan Ali

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