Extremism is fundamental issue, The smell of burning flesh is everywhere in Pakistan.


Sialkot: 8 December 2021: Through the layers of our vaccinated and perfumed existence, there is the smell of burning flesh – from Kot Radha Krishan to Sialkot. For decades, the civilian and military bureaucracy has run this place with the playbook of the British Raj, and ‘Rules of Business’ and ‘doctrines’ that all end in more for the few and less for everyone else."Two fundamental issues are widely seen here in present circumstances.
1. Our leaders/State trivialized allegations of blasphemy be it Imran Khan or Sheikh Rasheed during Faizabad Dharna, Maulana Fazl Ur Rehman, or Shahid Khaqan Abbasi during PDM or institutions with FIRs against private TV Channel or allegations against missing bloggers.
2. Not only have politicians reduced the credibility of Parliament through attacks on each other but far-right groups like TLP and many before them have been allowed to perpetuate propaganda that our Courts including SC have failed to protect the honor of Prophet (SAW).
Tweet by Fazl Ur Rehman on #Sialkot incident was a continuation of the same propaganda that the State apparatus has failed to address the issue of blasphemy and the accused are favored thereby natural consequence being people resorting to violence and becoming judge jury executioner.

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