FEMALE is the powerful gender in Islam, Learn Empowerment From Hazrat Khadijah


Hyderabad: 20 June 2022: Learn Empowerment From Hazrat Khadijah, Not Alpha Females What is the true meaning of Female Empowerment? Many of us are learning its definition through the Western Feminism model, and that is resulting in depression rates skyrocketing in the societies that idealise it. How fortunate we are, as Muslims, to have before us the role model of Hazrat Khadija, which shows us the true power of Femininity!I feel our entire psychology has to be revamped...both male and female.. The popular picture of Islam has been given by males scholars ...we don't bother to explore ourselves..we are afraid of comparative study, mostly males are entitled and females are considered insecure thus there is a battle of control and power...and on top of it because of our history (colonial mindset), lack of education and awareness we have become the slaves of "Goraas" (whether they are British, Americans or Europeans) ... just if we hold on and check with ourselves..."who r we?" who r we becoming?" "Is it true to us? "How does it feel?" How does it settle within us?" ...just ponder...... In my view, we can start by doing one thing "reverse engineering"... go back…start fresh, go to the basics, ...be as true with yourselves as u can be ...reflect ... (authenticity within us is the key here)get the balance because its implanted in all of us naturally by our creator... bless us all....Love

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