Hyderabad: 23 May 2023: I spent my life being in caged.

Don't know how long I've been living on that stage.

Couldn't remember even what age.
The only thing I know is, I want to get rid from that page.
I'm opening the gate.
Unleash the hate.
It will never be too late.
To step out from my unreal fate.
It's time for me to change.
I don't mind if I'm look like a strange.
It's my life not to waste.
Oh freedom! Such a great taste.
Now I found my fate.
I just need to move forward, go straight.
Bring out the life in a beautiful shape.
I couldn't have made this, if I didn't try to escape.
Out of fear.
Out of hate.
I couldn't wait.
What kind of life for me awaits.
Ledarose Santos Delima

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