Fabric of Pakistani society is designed to suppress the creation of great men and women.


Karachi: 10 December 2021: The entire fabric of Pakistani society is specially designed to suppress the creation of great men/women. The machinery of the state specifically watches over all walks of life and ensures that the system is efficiently creating minnows, both in practice and in ideology, for their future consumption.
The state hence is like an Octopus. Its tentacles are scattered over universities, media houses, the entertainment industry, colleges, seminaries, political parties, and the propaganda machine that creates national celebrities. It thus opts for the tailor-made braindead idiots and then puts its weight behind them which makes them prominent in national life.
It thus creates Qasim Ali Shahs, Aftab Iqbal, Tariq Jameel's, Sahir Ali Bagga, and Imran Riaz Khans. Their popularity gets cosmic. Huge rewards, social media following in millions, and national awards. They are then sent to the best universities of the country to speak and to dumb down the fresh crop of students who then are outsmarted to believe in them and the cycle continues. It doesn't leave a box unchecked. Why? Because it cannot afford to.
If you switch off the TV, it'll get you on campus through the curriculum it designs. If you don't go to the campus, it'll get you on the Friday prayer through the cleric they installed. If you don't go to the prayer, it'll get you through the brainwashed elderly family members. It's inescapable.
Even for a thousand years, it'll keep creating petrified, delusional, dogmatic, and lifeless individuals with no critical thought. It'll make obedience a virtue and thinking a sin. It'll reward the sheep and punish the wolf. It's a Vulture, a hawk, and only those who look up find out that it's flying over their heads too.
-Syed Muzammil

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