Fake propaganda against the Trans Bill


Mehrab Moiz Awan
Hyderabad: 7 Oct 2022: 1. You can get an X card as per your perceived gender identity only
2. You can't get married on an X card
3. Transition care including sex reassignment or gender confirming procedures are ALLOWED in Islam and covered under fatwas by Khomeni and Tantawi
4. So no gay marriages are happening, "men" aren't turning into women, and Pakistan isn't failing.
5. So what's your excuse for being a hateful bigot now, other than being someone who finds it easier to project their inner negativity on a minority group instead of going to therapy?
Jamaat e Islami is going to fall flat on its face soon as the Senate hearings proceed and we see their agenda exposed for what it is - a bag full of lies and political opportunism.
God, this is one disgusting group of people and a part of me thinks they're not faking being religious they're actually convinced of their own lies. Which makes one question, how is Jamaat any different from a cult?

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