Falling out of love needs to be normalized without a need to justify oneself, babies cant save relationship

Hyderabad: 19 Sep 2022: Falling out of love needs to be normalised without a need to justify oneself. Since this is such an alien concept & looked down upon in the society, couples go to any lengths to 'save' their relationship. Often the instant solution anyone gives them is "Have another baby"! "Bacha aye ga, zimmedari barhay gi tou sab sahi hojaye ga".. Feroze Khan and Alizey Raza are the latest victims of this pathetic culture. The rumours regarding their separation also came to light some time ago. And then we learnt that they are having another child. Everyone thought it was just a false news of breakup. But it was actually the same old "Bacha kar lo, rishta bach jaye ga" lie we tell ourselves! Uss Bachi ka kya qusoor tha jo abhi abhi aayi hai? Your relationship is YOUR responsibility alone. To put the burden of your incompatibility upon a child is selfish & abus¡ve! Log 40 saal sath rehnay K baad bhi alag hojatay hein 5 bachon K hotay huay! Koi bacha aap ka toota hua ghar nahi jorr sakta. But there's something else you do wrong here.. you have now involved another innocent ch¡ld in your mess. Now, besides you, that child would need therapy too. You just made someone else unhappy so you could save your own happiness. It is OK to separate if you are not good for eachother! It is OK to fall out of love. There is no shame in choosing to be happy

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