Falling standards of education in Pakistan


Salma Soomro
Hyderabad: 23 October 2021: Weak monitoring systems in schools contributed to a large extent to the falling standard of education. Weak monitoring gives unbridled power and leverage to school staff to do whatever they want. teacher remain absent, syllabus of the student not completed, broken furniture and large scale of corruption in educational institution remain rampant, due to weak monitoring on school. such shortcomings get strength when not being reported properly to higher authorities. Hence, the weak monitoring system is one of the causes that contribute to the falling standard of education in Pakistan.

Worldwide teachers' training contains immense importance. Unfortunately, Pedagogy has minuscule importance in the educational system of Pakistan. Almost every state spends on teachers' training. One of the keys to Japan's success is that they give it supreme importance. They are responsible for the future of the Nation. Teachers have a monumental role in the mental development of the student. Their lack of proper training puts student's Future at stake. The government has reserved only 2.931 billion for preprimary and primary education affairs for 2020 and 2022. This meager amount does not specifically mention anything about teachers' training. Yet poorly equipped soldiers can poorly perform in the battleground. As a result, the already diminishing indicators of Pakistan's education system are falling deep in the trench. Thus, it has been proved that the lack of proper training for teachers adds to the falling standard of education in Pakistan.

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