False Campaign against trans brother and sisters

Hyderabad: 25 Sep 2022: In the current crisis, Khuwajasira community is fighting alone. Period! The most progressive are terrified to share a supporting message even because "social stigma will kill them" and Jamaat e Islami says they are protected under Islam! But this time, they are so organized and cogent that there is no going back!
A lot of people have been asking me "why" are some khwajasiras protesting "against" the Act, most importantly Mx. Almas Bobby.Here is the answer,Section 9 of Transgender Persons Protection Act 2018 states that if a transperson is forced to beg by someone, the someone will get 6 years in prison and Rs. 50,000 fine.Fatima A. Athar while expressing her views said I was also confused because I thought I saw someone from the trans community say that trans marriages do happen and then (it seemed) called them a sin. I don't know what to make of that. From what I know, as per Islam, most theologists and jurists agree they have the right to marry so not sure where this sin discourse is coming from within the community itself. (External to the community, I know it comes from bigotry and wilful ignorance.)
Hina Baloch wrote that Years of hard work and emotional labour to educate and explain to friends, neighbors, colleagues and extended family that what is it to be a trans person, what is it to be a trans woman or a trans man, what is it to be a gender non-binary person, all draining to the gutters after JI's extremely successful transphobic campaign. Depressing and testing times ahead for trans community. We Hijras, resisted the British Raj and we will not bow down to you either, you can't rattle us. You pedophile mu###s are good at exploding as suicide bombers only,We Hijras are powerful enough with our weapons of clapping and dancing to defeat you.

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