Feeling is subtler than thinking

Hyderabad: 16 February 2022: Feeling is subtler than thinking. You cannot have the same feeling all the time, feelings change. When we feel high, we have no problems. The problem comes when we feel low. When one feels low, then the more one tries to feel high, the more the low feelings persist. When you feel low, jump into the lowest. Be like water. The nature of water is humility. It always goes down. Water means acceptance with motion, with dynamism, with readiness to jump up.
The ocean is the lowest. How has the ocean become an ocean? It has accepted the lowest. All rivers from the mountain flow down to the ocean. The ocean is full. The humblest is the greatest. Have you ever loved your low feelings? You have always fought with them. Just close your eyes and go into that low. Do not do any action but just agree. How far will you go down? You will find the ocean there. You will start rising up in no time. Depression and low feelings cannot touch you.

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