Feminist Icons emerging at local level.


Dr Moiz
Multan: 12 March 2022: Dr. Zari is an ICON. Everyone in Multan knows her, she's a change maker, runs her own clinic, loves to read so went ahead and did an MBA as well, and she started from a village in South Punjab as a girl with an aim to study and grow.
What even better, the comments under her post appreciating her and adding their two cents to how they believe trans rights are here to stay... When I tell you Pakistan is changing, I genuinely mean it. It's in the air. And that's what's angering the right wing fascists so much. They know they're losing and that's making them uglier and angrier.Transgenders are equally tespectful members of our society. They are the third gender and a creation of ALLAH pak just like other 2 genders. Hats off to u zari sahib. Bhaiyo, assi tay aa gayi aan tay chaa gayi aan thaa kar k tussi saray apni kher manao...wink

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