Fight Back


Karachi: 21 /8/2022: It is heartening to see at least one political leader in this country rally public support for a man undergoing the worst possible torture from powers no other leader does by being in the arena — and on their turf. It is an altogether different realm when someone attempts to do so from the safe confines of the cauldron and later compromise, but quite another when the deadly heat is well-nigh burning your feet as it were. As stated the other day in this space, this nation owes a huge debt to Imran Khan for standing up for them and resisting the powers hell-bent on finishing him off — politically for now, and perhaps, physically in desperation down the road.
With the road ahead steep and clime dark, this may be a faint last chance for Pakistanis to set aside their differences if only for a while and rally behind him — not in political support for his party but to stop the elephant in the room from demolishing their hearth.
The pygmies in power now may not realise this at the moment, but his seminal fightback may serve even those amongst them who have been at the receiving end in the past but without public support. Surely, in their hearts they do know it’s not worth in the end watching on as mere spectators only to face the same predicament tomorrow when the shoe is on the other foot. In other words, do not be complicit in the crimes of people who overwrite constitutional fiat and trash people’s mandates.

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