Film industry is a pure business


Karachi: 13 October 2021: I may understand the emotion behind Ahmed's outburst, but I can't feel more embarrassed to read "cheap substitute" here for another artist who just did his job properly. You want international media to recognize your talent? When your media doesn't even let experimental movies like Zindagi Tamasha to air, when bold projects like Churails are demanded to be banned, when the only topic left is how two sisters are fighting for the same guy, when all that celebrities can talk about during interviews is dusri shadi jokes and misogynistic jabs and when you start asking Tiktokers to comment on political matters and give them roles only due to their following and not the talent.. then do you expect international outlets to recognize you? British actors too play American characters and vice versa. Also, do you think Dilwale Dulhaniya Punjab waala song was filmed in Punjab? It was Switzerland. It happens all the time. I would love to see our talent shine overseas, but first, we must work on our own selves. So probably focus on Jawani Phir nahi aani 3 for now?

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