From failure to success..


Hyderabad;20 ,9,2022, I failed admission test of Crescent Model School Lahore in 1985
I failed in entrance test of PAF College and Cadet college Hasan Abdal 1993
I failed interview of Military College 1994
I was last in my class in O levels for 3 yeaes consistently from 1994 to 1997
I couldn't get admission in UET 2003
I missed my ISSB tests 2003
I couldn't get department of my choice in NUST 2003
I failed ITO exam 2004
I failed CSS exam the first time 2003
I failed PCS exams 2004
I was told I will never be able to head a district. I was never posted as ADCG. I was posted as DC during elections because no one was willing to post me otherwise. Still I was not in the top 3 officers to be posted in district and was one number below the last option.
Now that I connect the dots each failure led me towards my success. Shuker Alhamdolillah. I thank Allah for teaching me and training me and leading me through all the failures.
Never let yourself down when you don't succeed. Each failure will eventually lead you to a better place and open up new doors . All you need to do is have faith . Be thankful and keep trusting Allah. If you remember Allah, Allah will remember you. If you are thankful to Allah, he will bless you with more. If your intentions are good, the results will always be good .

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