Gem of Sindh, Persistence in right direction will lead you towards success

Hyderabad: 2 January 2022: One of the sindh gem have shared his story while being anonymous he is from sindh, very poor family but rich from the heart and mentality. He said that " I managed my all eductaion from Usta Mohammad city. My last degree is B.A before CSS.
After matriculation i was compelled to run shop as my father fell ill as shop was a sole source of income. Despite such a situation, i did continue my studies and managed to do Fsc. After Fsc i had a desire to join any prestigious institution for graduation. But again i was restricted by my circumstances and landed in Government Degree college Usta Mohd for B.A. Meanwhile, i also continued to save from pocket due to which i was able to go Lahore for CSS preparation. During preparation of CSS in lahore pcs2016 was announced and also of Tehsiladar. I appeared in both exams but could not go through them. More unfortunate then this was that i had to listen these words,
" Paisy k baghair ghareeb ko Job ni milti,
B.A kr k tm koi job ni lay skty,
Izat se Masters kr k lecturer ki tyari kro".
Though these words were excruciating for me, i did not drift an inch from stance and continued my stuggle.
After sometime, again css 18 was announced. I applied and moved to Quetta for preparation in favorable weather. I burnt midnight oil of all fossils and studied from 9 to 10 hours daily and found a jungle for my trees of desires and passion. Css exam was enjoyable for me and i did it in the very fashion.
I Came back Usta Muhammad and started teaching in a private school to make my both hands meet.
A day, 12 april, came and Abu called me and congratulated me on qualifying written part.
In the same fashion, on August 2, i managed to get a position in SO list Alhmdulillah. I am first bureaucrat in my family and that too on the basis of B.A.
After result i hurriedly texted to merit-inimical forces with this piece
"phirty Hain khwar mir Koi pochta Ni
Is Aashqi ma Izat.e.Saadat Bhi Gai".
So dear aspirants, never underrate your endeavours, stay firm and focused, no what matter which degree holds your name.
Because Becuase jo Books ma likha hota ha wo degree py ni likha hota...

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