Getting solace in Past


Hyderabad: 2 February 2022:I'd imagined my next new year's eve to live after hanging fireworks while we were dancing beneath fountains of gold and silver. but we got lost just before greeting the first light of 365—no, we were fine. we were ocean still, heck we were tiptoeing it. no one broke faith. no cold feet. no, our palms weren't misaligned. we just went off, got lost —we lived not in hanging fireworks, we were left in the fadings and longings. residing in cracking bones, unsaved numbers, unlit highways and never made tears, at least, i'd hope to live in a photo paper once, but even that didn't even kiss my hand.
at least, i hold onto counting memories, but even that... didn't flinch you from losing me.
maybe this is still for me, in love with fire flower trails and nothing more.
—mj zyke

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